Cops Nabbed For Stalking Sarah Jessica’s Baby Mama


Ohio police chiefs accused of planning to break into surrogate's home.

Two police chiefs and a third man in Ohio were arrested on Wednesday night, accused of plotting to break into the home of the woman who carried the twin girls born to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on June 22. The men, Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter and Bridgeport Police Chief Chad Dojack, along with Bruce Callarik, the son of the mayor of Bridgeport, allegedly planned to sell information about the actor couple and their babies and sell the information to tabloids.

"Matthew and Sarah Jessica have complete faith in the legal system," a representative for Matthew said in June, before the twins were born. "But because it's a criminal investigation, we will not be making any more comment."

The couple announced in April that they would be adding to their family, which also includes a son, James, 6. Their surrogate, whom Sarah Jessica described as "strong" and "honorable," lives in Martins Ferry, about a hundred miles from Sarah Jessica's hometown of Nelsonville. More on Surrogacy

The incident at the center of the investigation happened in June; men broke into the woman's home while she was out, and were reportedly looking for answering-machine messages from Parker and Broderick. You know, because she would obviously leave a message on her surrogate's answering machine that summarized the plot of the Sex and The City sequel, plus describe how she and Matthew like to swing on weekends with Cynthia Nixon and her fiancée.

Sarah Jessica spoke with MSNBC in May, after tabloid reporters had identified the surrogate and even followed her. "I am incredibly outraged by the extraordinary and unprecedented invasion of her privacy," she said. "The most unsavory things have been done. She's had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked, she's had threats against her and true harassment. She's had a friend, nine months pregnant, who was thought to be her chased down a highway by photographers and dare I call them 'reporters.' I guess that's how they identify themselves. It's crossed lines… Pretty much all the lines have been crossed." Even More About Surrogacy

Despite the stress to the surrogate mother, the twin girls were born healthy in June and a thrilled Sarah Jessica and Matthew brought them back to New York, where there might be a little trouble in their relationship. Maybe the ensuing Ohio court case will bring them closer?

Via Yahoo! Photo via Bauer-Griffin.