When a new relationship starts,,,,,


When a new relationship starts,,,,, it is such an endorphin rush.

I met someone special 5 weeks ago. In Manhattan years, that is sort of long term, isn't it? 

According to him, things are going very well, he wants to be exclusive. I was touched. I want to make this relationship work.

We both are in our 30s; I think grown-ups should be responsible and practical when it comes to love. I went to my doctor ( much earlier than my annual check-up), got tested common STD/HIV and all in order to be on pills. I politely suggested  him get a check-up. He doesn't want to go because he knew he'd be perfectly clean. 

We all know (hope) we have nothing. I don't think he is promiscuous, but it takes only one. If he is so sure he has nothing to worry,,, then why he hesitate? It is a gesture how serious he is about this new relationship, isn't it? To guys, talking about being exclusive is just a way to get rid of condoms?

Am I being too sensitive? I respect his opinion and support his decision. But I am in doubt. His trust on women in past is greater than the future with me?