Best of YourTango - Divorce, Virgins And More

Happy women

Weddings, online dating and more colored YourTango this week.

It's not exactly a June wedding, but YourTango has had flowers, dresses and white on the mind.

From surviving your first year of marriage to dissolving marriages, we have your marriage covered.

So whether it's something new, something old, some borrowed, or something blue, this week YourTango had it for you.

Love U: How To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage
Some really practical advice and tips for every newlywed.

Celeb Love: 5 Nastiest Celeb Divorces
And you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Essay: How I Became A Divorced Virgin
One woman's story about a husband that just could keep up.

Community Blog: Learning To Love The Man, Not His Money
Symian teaches us that it's not all about the Benjamins after all.

Love Buzz: Top 8 Reasons Online Dating Is Great
Brush off that eHarmony profile and get ready for a new world of dating.

Tomfoolery: Love In Japan Keeps Getting Weirder
Pillows with cartoon cases are replacing humans. Interesting concept.