Jon And Kate Fight Over Money

Buzz, Heartbreak

He's spending like a drunken sailor while she's home with the kids.

Jon Gosselin has not been conducting himself like a father of eight kids facing a potentially pricey divorce and the loss of his livelihood in the weeks since he and wife Kate announced their split. No, Jon has been romping on a yacht in the Mediterranean, wearing flaming tigers on his ass, dating two women at once, and hanging out with Michael Lohan. And spending money like it's his freaking job.

Meanwhile, Kate is in Pennsylvania taking care of their eight kids and presumably wondering how they'll support all those mouths if Jon's midlife crisis brings their cash cow TLC show to an end. It is not, after all, called Jon & Kate Plus 8 Plus Some Other Ladies And Michael Lohan. Life & Style reports that Jon is convinced Kate is hiding money that she's made from her books and speaking engagements from him. A friend of his says, "Jon says he found out Kate had been hiding about $100,000 in cash in the house." 4 Ways To Avoid Fighting About Money

Well, yeah. We'd hide money too if the father of our eight children was dropping $950 on shoes (ON SHOES. MEN'S SHOES.), dating Star reporters, and did we mention hanging out with Michael Lohan? Jon is handling the matter in his typical, mature fashion: siccing his lawyers on the mother of his children. "It's turned into an all-out war over money," Jon's friend says. "Jon says Kate's books and speaking engagements were based on their children and their relationship, so he rightfully deserves a cut. As far as she's concerned, this is money she's made by herself. She doesn't want him to get a cent of it."

Wow. Now, we know Jon got married young (he was 22) and became the father of a basketball team while he was still, erm, younger than your correspondent. Being responsible for all those lives has got to be a mind-bender. And we know that being on TV has a way of turning people into shameless camera-hogging hookers. But for crying out loud, Gosselin. Man up and take care of your eight kids. And stop hanging out with Michael Lohan. You don't want your daughters to grow up to be Oompa-Loompas in coke pants.

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.