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Facebook Etiquette

Tune into Mom Madness and hear about more Facebook etiquette.

Hello loyal readers, occasional glancers, lost lookie loos and my mom.

Today (and today only), Tom Miller (author of Tomfoolery) will be on talk radio. The show Mom Madness on HarlemTalkRadio is doing a feature at 4 PM Eastern today (July 30th) about Facebook (FB talk starts at 4:15) dos and don'ts and wants to pick my ear (and brain and heart) about the subject. Read: Top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

The show's host, Simone Perry, is very interested in how FB affects relationships, work and friendships and she happened to see our fantastic "Facebook Manners And You" video on YouTube (feel free to have a look at it):

You can listen to the whole thing online by clicking here.

Or we've installed this handy-dandy App to let you listen from here:

Either way, check out Simone's weekly Mom Madness show. The show runs the gamut of modern mom issues (and even a little pop culture). This Facebook hubbub began with the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, continues through the resignation of Manhattan's borough president's (Scott Stringer) press secretary (Lee Landon) and winds up in the court of public opinion with you. Tune in and thanks.

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