Jillian Harris Moving With Ed; Wedding Planned

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Ed Swiderski
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'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris moving to Chicago to be with Ed Swiderski. The latest on their plans.

Have no fear: the Bachelorette is still with her man. The Chicago Tribune has reported that Bachelorette Jillian Harris is officially moving to be with fiance Ed Swiderski. How To Date Like The Bachelorette

Chicago seems proud. That's where Ed was born, bred and buttered and where he reportedly works as a technology consultant for Microsoft. Jillian is scheduled to leave Vancouver, Canada by September 1 to plant some roots in Chi-town, where she's expected to continue her work as a restaurant designer (and hot dog condiments psychoanalyst). She has discussed spending a few years in Ed's hometown and then potentially moving back to Vancouver to be close to her parents.

America witnessed Ed's nail-biting proposal to Jillian last Monday night, and immediately the phrase "are jillian and ed still together" dominated Internet searches. Sources have laid viewers' questions to rest by reporting that indeed they are still an item and that the wedding is in the works. On Wednesday they revealed to Good Morning America on ABC that they plan to get married within the next 18 months in Canada, but other sources have said Ed is pushing for nuptials within a year.

The two appear thrilled and smiling in photos taken since the May taping of The Bachelorette season finale on ABC. Ed is especially relieved to be still employed. He said in an interview after he left the show that his boss told him, "What are you doing? Either you're going to be here working or you're going to be unemployed and you can go and find love." But after The Bachelorette finale aired on Monday night, Ed's dad told the local news that Ed "still has a job."

We anticipate that there are few worries ahead for Ed and the future Mrs. Swiderski. (Especially if she hangs on to her maiden name.)

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