Comment of the day 07/30 and a PSA

Comment of the day 07/30 and a PSA

First off, I know many people have been having trouble with the comments. We've been making updates to the site and had a few glitches. Here is how you can avoid those problems and join in the commenting. Who knows, you could be the comment of the day.

1. Log out of YourTango account.

2. Clear your internet cache. Don't know how? Click here for instructions.

3. Restart your browser and log back in. If that doesn't work, email me at I'll help you.

Today's comment of the day comes in response to a user wanting to know how to strengthen himself DOWN THERE. BlackIris took on the challenge and wrote this comment of the day:

You strengthen the muscles around the penis or vagina, commonly referred to as the PC muscles. The exercises are called Kegels and you can find directions on how to do them at:

You can also find information about them in books at your local library or amazon. Barbara Keesling has written stuff that includes this subject.

Now that's some smart talk we can use. Thanks!