Mama's Boys: Take Or Leave 'Em?

mama's boy
Love, Family

The pros and cons of a guy with a strong tie to his mother (and her apron).

You know the type. He has a rock-solid relationship with his mother and was coddled by her way, way, way past the breaking-over-into-adulthood point of life. She still does his laundry. She cooks for him and sends him home with a week's supply of food at a time. She calls him every single day. He's still regularly soothed by her matronly ways. Would you want to date a Mama's Boy, though? Your call entirely. A few pros and cons to consider first.

PRO: He respects women. A Mama's Boy will not say a bad thing about his mother. She was (and still is... big time) the one who cleaned up his messes, stood up for him, took care of him, defended his honor. A Mama's Boy loves his mother deeply. As a result of his close ties with his mother, a Mama's Boy was taught how to treat women well. Dating Advice: What To Do When He Doesn’t Call

CON: If you're dating a Mama's Boy it may seem like nothing is ever good enough for her. A mother who keeps close ties with her son may be threatened by another woman coming between the relationship she has with her son. She may not like you. And if she does not like you, sorry, we hate to say it, but game over. A Mama's Boy will not disobey his mother. The tip here is: If you're in love with a Mama's Boy, make a strong effort early on to cultivate a relationship with his Mama.

Readers, what's been your experience with Mama's Boys?