The Life And Times Of A Five-Time Female Bigamist


So many men, so little time to file divorce papers.

There's nothing wrong with being married five times. Just ask Elizabeth Taylor. Or Brigette Nielsen. Or, well, pretty much any middle-aged rock star. But between each walk down the aisle, we advise you to take some time out to do one little thing: divorce your previous spouse.

Emily Horne, a 30-year-old woman in the UK, didn't bother to, and has been in and out of police stations and courtrooms for years because of it. Most recently, she was given a ten-month suspended jail sentence by the Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court. 

"She preyed upon and manipulated these men," Detective Constable Colette Kelleher, of the Greater Manchester Police tells the Guardian. "Why she did this is unclear and it does not appear she did it for any kind of financial gain or ulterior motive." Sugar Daddies Bemoan Bad Economy

What is clear is that Horne did not take her time when she married each man. She tied the knot with the first the day after she turned 18, in 1996. He was a soldier. While he was posted abroad in 1999, she illegally married her second husband using a false name and claiming to be a student physicist. In reality, she was a nudie model who appeared in adult films.

A year later, she married a 21-year-old web designer at the same register office where she married her second husband, using another false name. Not long after, the Yorkshire police were alerted to her penchant for false marriages and Horne was "cautioned" for two offenses of bigamy.

Despite the "caution" (a term that makes us think we wouldn't take the police seriously either), Horne married a fourth time. She met this particular husband on a train in 2002 and married him four weeks later, after proposing to him via text message. A week after the wedding, she admitted to him that she was still married to her third husband. But it wasn't until she ran off with a friend that the fourth husband called the police.

Horne was subsequently jailed for six months in Ipswich crown court, appearing under yet another false name after she admitted to bigamy. Traveling Minister Likely Headed Back To Jail For Bigamy

After being released, she exchanged vows for the fifth time in 2007. Her fifth husband did not know about her past until she confessed it while they were en route to their honeymoon. The current bigamy offense did not emerge, however, until last summer, when she made false allegations about his behavior. After she was bailed and the case passed to another court, Horne vanished. In November of 2008, she was found by police and charged with bigamy. 

Now done defending herself against that charge, and relieved to have received such a light sentence (the aforementioned ten-month suspended jail sentence), Horne tells the Guardian: "I'm just delighted to be free, but I think it is about time I got a divorce."

No doubt, this will come as a relief to her current boyfriend, with whom she lives.