Comment of the Day 07/28

Comment of the Day 07/28

Today's comment of the day comes from our lovely Ask YourTango forum. A user wanted to know if her BF just liked her for sex and TriK wrote this piece of wisdom in response:

Sleeping with him less sounds like a good opportunity to see if it's
all about sex or not. There are other alternatives to sex that could
keep intimacy in the relationship. Do not, however, mistake sex for
intimacy because cutting off intimacy is risky. If he only wanted you
for the sex, then by all means stop sleeping with him. However, if he
is sincere, stopping all intimacy between you and him would probably be
seen as a sign of withdrawal or that you are pushing him away. Having
intimacy without the complications of sex could simplify your
relationship a bit, giving you time to discuss your issues with him and
giving him the closeness and comfortableness to react and hopefully get
in touch with his sensitive side.

I think we all need to heed this advice. Thanks, TriK!