Rihanna And Chris Spend Weekend In Same Hotel

Rihanna Chris Brown same hotel trump
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Trump International Hotel & Tower won't comment on pair skirting a court order to stay separate.

A week before Chris Brown is scheduled to be sentenced for beating Rihanna last February, there's evidence that the two are unwisely disobeying court orders to stay separate from each other...in fact, they spent this weekend in shockingly close proximity.

Despite a judge's orders for Chris to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna (10 yards at music industry events where other people are present), he was spotted Friday night checking into the Trump International Hotel & Tower on New York's Central Park West—the same hotel where Rihanna reportedly already was staying. Limelife claims they spent the weekend stealthy coming and going from the hotel's underground garage in decoy vehicles that drove multiple times around the hotel to ward off fans and paparazzi. While they were never caught on film in direct contact with each other, sources say neither one had an event in New York for which they needed to be present; plus, witnesses are wondering why they couldn't have checked in to two different hotels. A Trump International Hotel & Tower spokesperson has declined to comment whether Rihanna and Chris were staying on the same floor.

Chris's lawyer also refuses to comment, saying he's not adding to any speculation about a rendezvous that is "hypothetical." The news seems like a dumb legal move on Chris's part as he's scheduled to appear in court on August 5 for formal sentencing, when he's expected to receive five years of probation, hard-core community service and domestic violence counseling. We can't help but wonder if this isn't a sneaky defense move for Chris's lawyer after Chris supposedly "went against his advice" last week not to film a public apology. The Real Reason For Chris Brown's Apology

The drama is about to heat up for these two superstars who just can't seem to quit each other. We'll keep you posted with next week's court updates.