Circumcised Men May Be Better In Bed

Circumcised Men May Be Better In Bed
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A recent study in Uganda proves that ladies like their men minus the foreskin.

On our womanly quest for mind-blowing intercourse, us gals tend to have a laser-like focus on penis girth, length, and all around prettiness (if you will). But you'd be shocked to learn how little of our Cosmopolitan-laden discussions involve circumcision. Circumcision Doesn't Reduce Sexual Sensation

Perhaps this is because (according to some statistics) close to 80% of American men are cut. So in an American woman's dating experience she may run into an errant flappy-skinned (excuse the mental picture) man, but more often than not he'll fall into a novelty pile. In other words, there really won't be enough subjects to compare and contrast and thus form conclusions.

However, this isn't the case in Uganda where many of the men go uncircumcised and the country is embarking on a series of clinical tests to figure out if circumcision cuts down on the spread and transmission of HIV.

While the results presented at the Fifth International AIDS Society Conference on Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of HIV claim the procedure halves a straight man's risk, researchers were perhaps more surprised at another discovery—women prefer their men cut.

Of the 455 partners of the men studied, 40% said the sex was more satisfying after their husbands/boyfriends were circumcised. Fifty-seven percent reported no change and only 3% missed the extra skin. Sex After 40 Is Smoking

Godfrey Kigozi, MD, of the Rakai Health Sciences Program in Kalisizo, Uganda, assures us that all women polled enjoyed sex before the operation, too.

So why did the ladies seem to ooh and aw over their new men?

Improved hygiene, longer time for their partner to achieve orgasm, and their man wanting more frequent sex, the study said. That coupled with the fact that a whopping 97% of men post-operation enjoyed the sex more or the same, too.

Stories like this truly warm our heart. We can now sleep better tonight learning that a pocket of ladies in Uganda are, hopefully, reaching their O-faces with greater frequency.

God bless 'em.