The Links: Bachelorette Parties And The Naked Date

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Suggestive ads, making a good husband, your first time and Muff Road rage.

I've spent the entire morning scouring the interweb for great love and relationships information for you. First of all, you're welcome. Secondly, I know you'd do the same for me. C, let me know if I missed any sites or stories you love.

The Frisky is making a list (checking it twice) and wants to give you some husband advice. Um, actually they just have a checklist of good husband characteristics. Check it out if you want to see if your guy would make a good husband.

British radio listeners (how quaint, right?) are fed up with salacious ad for Matteson's smoked sausage. The advertisement for the abnormally large packaged meat implores readers to tell "where you like to stick yours." Indeed. From Reuters.

Speaking of sausage parties (yuck!), Cosmo hits us with 10 things you didn't know about bachelor parties. I sort of thought man code prevented us from revealing any of this. Oh well. 

The ladies at Lemondrop know how in you dig bachelorette parties (and who am I to argue). They just want to make sure that you're bringing the right things to the table… namely gifts. Somehow Big Jim Slade didn't make the list. Maybe that's a good gift…

Em & Lo are interested in first times, as are we all. They interviewed Eva Weltermaurer, director of First, about her v-card punching film. (Surprisingly, not all of the deflowering was accompanied by rose petals, candlelight and promises to stay together forever.) Read: Virginity = Productivity?

Over at, Simone Grant shares intimate details of a naked date. It's not what you think (unless you think it means without makeup, then it's exactly what you think).

Want to know more about Michael Phelps' love life? Glamour goes all out on the dolphinian Olympian. I wonder if he's ever f*cked a mermaid. Read: Michael Phelps: Love Triangle?

Jezebel is less than thrilled that the Wall Street Journal knows about cankles. That was supposed to be something that we only talk about in the company of our own gender (though Chelsea Handler gets a pass). For shame, WSJ.

Over at Yahoo's Shine, the results of the Great XX-XY Survey are in. Guess what? Men and women differ in some beliefs and dudes admit to being really into physical attraction. 

Per Asylum, residents of Muff Road are really sick and tired of your comments (yes, more frequently than once per month). No comment from the residents of Lesbos but people from Intercourse, PA are pretty fired up too.

That's it for today. Holler if you'd like to get your blog or whathaveyou into Tomfoolery.