Best of YourTango: Technofile Edition

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This week's best video, articles and more from YourTango.

Recently, we've been noticing our intense love of technology. Really, however, would you expect anything less from a website?

But from Facebook profiles to blackberry messenger, we really like technology. And this week, YourTango really showed it. From tips on how to begin flirting via text to how two people with the same name hooked up over Facebook, it's been a high tech week.

However, in case you were too busy updating your address book to notice, here's this week's best from YourTango.

Article: Text Message Flirting For Beginners
This is more than your standard LOL guide.

Tomfoolery: When Kelly Hildebrandt Married Kelly Hildebrandt
Facebook proves Paris and Paris aren't the only people who like their own name.

Love Buzz: Dating In The Dark: The First Epsiode
What do you think about this new reality show?

Video: How To Get Your Man To Dance
It might not be as hard as you imagine.

Community Blog: Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress
Broken Glass gives us some much needed help in this department.

Celeb Love: Millionaire Matchmakers Patti Stanger Engaged
Apparently she finally found the one—for her.