Was Peter Cammarano's Wife In On The Secret?


Did Peter Cammarano's wife know anything before his arrest?

We've been following the surprising arrest of Hoboken, NJ mayor Peter Cammarano, and, being a relationship site, we're wondering if his wife could have anything to do with the scandal.

Marita Erbeck Cammarano is a New Jersey lawyer who met her future husband in law school. She was born in Hoboken, and her grandfather was the city's comptroller, so Marita might have had access to city officials and records that could have helped Peter. Or she could be completely in the dark.

As we've seen, wives often don't know—or claim not to know—about their husband's misdeeds. Think about Ruth Madoff—she says she had no idea that her spouse was involved in a huge Ponzi scheme.

Money-laundering wasn't the only thing Cammarano was hiding from the public—according to Hoboken411 Cammarano had a daughter when he was in high school with his then 18-year-old girlfriend. Did his wife know that?

Readers, do you think Marita knew about the money? What secrets has your husband kept from you?