LeAnn Rimes Is A "Stalker" And Homewrecker?

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Eddie Cibrian's wife Brandi Glanville has reportedly left over his repeated affair with LeAnn Rimes.

Remember the sweet and innocent LeAnn Rimes before the days of nose jobs, suing her parents and dancing on bars? The one who crooned "Blue" and "How Do I Live" and was treated like a little country-music princess prodigy by her parents and all of America?  Based on a report from ABCNews.com, those days are over—but her torrid love affair with actor Eddie Cibrian is not. Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress

LeAnn Rimes as the other woman? Sounds like it. Eddie's wife Brandi Glanville has reportedly taken her two small children and left him over the repeated affair with LeAnn. Ever since Eddie and LeAnn starred together in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights which first aired in June, there were speculations that there was scandal occurring between them. Brandi warned Dean to end it, and he obediently responded by having his phone number changed so LeAnn couldn't contact him via the "constant texting and calling" that led Brandi to label LeAnn a "stalker." 

Apparently the affair has been going on for months. Last March tabloids reported that Eddie and LeAnn were captured on film kissing during a romantic dinner together then in May she showed up at a Lakers game where she knew Eddie would be, and this month they were reportedly seen out on a wild motorcycle ride. US has said that LeAnn was notorious for her infidelities behind the back of her husband, Dean Sheremet.LeAnn Rimes Allegedly Cheats on Husband

So, wait. She's still with Dean? Despite the rumors that surfaced of her wanderlust from him in June when she appeared at the MTV Movie Awards, LeAnn is still married to the dancer-songwriter whom she wed in 2002 right after she settled a suit with her father after claiming he'd stolen eight million dollars from her.

Eddie is denying the rumors and saying that the press has completely fabricated the story, but with all the drama surrounding LeAnn Rimes since she became popular over a decade ago, we just have to wonder: could that country music superstar so known for stealing hearts truly be a homewrecker? YourTango's Celebrity Love will continue following the story for you.Key To Finding A Good Man? Self-Respect

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