Comment of the Day 07/23/09


One of the best things about this site are the men who join in and give us their honest, no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall opinions. The comment of the day comes from one such dude, Jeff Wigton, who jumped in the fray of the article, "Signs He's Just Not That Into You" and offered up this piece of advice:

If he cancels last minute for a date, MOST of the time it is because
he is just not that into you. Sometimes real emergencies occur. But
more times than not, take it as a big red flag -its an ego blow. Then
reconsider dating that person.

If a guy isn't tripping over himself to be with you, then most
likely he is not that into you and perhaps is just using you as a
stopover til his "Angelina" comes around.

Stop putting the blinders on. The truth is usually in your face the
whole time. You're instincts are usually on the target. Its not that
big a deal. You can and will find someone whom you really dig and who
digs you alot too if you trust your feelings and intuitions and stop
being a drippy doormat for some dude who could give a rip about you.

Thanks for your insight!