When Kelly Hildebrandt Marries Kelly Hildebrandt

kelly hilde brandt
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Facebook made Kelly Hildebrandt's choice of married name a no-brainer.

Per NBCMiami.com (and every newspaper in the English-speaking world), a gal called Kelly Hildebrandt used the Facebook (where everybody knows your name) to meet a guy named Kelly Hildebrandt. Female Kelly Hildebrandt (FKH) was impressed; Male Kelly Hildebrandt (MKH) was shirtless.

They met a scant three weeks later and have been up in each other's grills ever since. Since FKH was living in south Florida and MKH lived in Lubbock, TX, it made sense for MKH to visit sunny south Florida (weird how easy it is to drop everything and visit metro Miami, I wonder if it would have been as easy to visit had FKH lived in Ass Sweat, Massachusetts).

So, one thing leads to another and booyahcahshah, the couple is engaged a short eight months later. MKH is 24 years old, loves the Facebook, works for a financial services company and has no regrets about the rush-rush, non-shotgun wedding. FKH is psyched and will finish school relatively soon. En route to their October wedding, they've only had one Three's Company moment (AKA a misunderstanding), a vacation was flubbed up because someone, somewhere thought that it was impossible that a Kelly Hildebrandt would be traveling with another Kelly Hildebrandt (they likely blamed horny teenagers or Ashton Kutcher). Read: Married or Maiden Name: How To Choose

Looking at the photos, FKH is very pretty and it's unlikely that MKH (also nice-looking) would have ever met her without their first-last name symmetry. This likely makes up for whatever ribbing a young fellow gets in Lubbock, Texas for having a girl's name. In Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" the protagonist only gets hardened to the cruelty of the world and a chance to rough up his deadbeat pa. 

How many Hildebrandts can there possibly be in the US of A? Had it been Jamie Smith and Jamie Smith the national outcry likely would have been less. Then again, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet."

So, it looks like Julia Guglia (if that's a funny name, I don't know why), Marcy D'Arcy (Married… With Children) and Corky Sherwood Forest (Murphy Brown) are no longer the strangest married names out there. Read: Create A Post-Divorce Identity

In this crazy, modern world of fretting name-changes, unbearable trips to the DMV and loss of familial identity as a married, maybe it's a good idea to only marry people with your exact name (or likely last name). I should probably thank my lucky you-know-whats that there are tons of nice-looking Millers out there. I wonder what Marissa and Sienna are up to right now…

Note: This whole house of cards comes crashing down if the Hildebrandts have a kid with a pig's tail (or any tail, really).

Anyone come across any weird married name combos?