650 Pound Virgin Loses Weight—And Finds Love?

650 lb virgin
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How does losing 400 pounds affect your love life?

All teenage boys want to get laid: there are books that gaily depict their wanton needs, as well as an entire genre of movies devoted to the subject. It seems that TLC decided to jump on the bandwagon with The 650-Pound Virgin—the story of David Smith, a (once) 650-lb. outcast—that premiered on Sunday night. It was a shocking piece of television, but not for the reason you might think.

The program was shocking because the 32-year-old David managed to lose 450 pounds without the aid of gastric bypass or a LAP-BAND, and the program barely covered his weight loss journey, choosing instead to focus on David current fears and anxieties regarding his first sexual experience.

Seriously? If true, David's story puts Subway's Jared to shame. To lose three-quarters of your body weight in 23 months is astounding, and we really want to know how he did it. Unfortunately, we don't get many details.

Instead, we learn his story, which is riveting, tragic, and eventually heroic: David began overeating as a young child after being sexually molested by his best friend. His emotional eating only got worse after his mother died when he was 17. By his early twenties, he was house-bound and daydreamed of suicide.

Thankfully, instead of "setting himself on fire," in 2003 he contacted fitness trainer, Chris Powell, through a local TV station and the two began the process of slimming down a person who couldn't walk 500 feet.

Today, David stands at 200ish-pounds and is a good-looking guy. Some anxieties persist, but this brave man is working though them and by the end of the show, we were not only rooting for him, but convinced that a long-awaited love connection was imminent. Good for him.

What we would like to see, however, is a follow up to the documentary, one that focuses on how David lost so many pounds. Now that's a story that can help people.