Does Size Really Matter?


Well, guys, finally you have it. Someone who is willing to tell you
the truth. I myself have heard Dr. Ruth say that size doesn’t matter.
I’m not sure where she gets her information, but, truly, (and you do
want to know the truth, don’t you?), it DOES matter.

Men are logical, right? Does it matter to you whether a woman’s
vagina is so stretched out that you can’t even tell whether you’re in
her or not? Well, if women can’t tell whether you’re in THEM or not, it

There is a caveat, though. It is not so much the length of a man’s
penis that matters, but the girth. Statistically speaking, the large
majority of men have a penis that is 5.5 inches in length or shorter.
That is not necessarily a problem. If you have decent girth, your
partner will still be able to feel the pressure of your penis on her
G-spot (yes, it does exist!), which in only a couple of inches inside
her vagina. In fact, farther into her vagina she actually does not have
as many nerve endings, proving that length doesn’t matter as much.

So, if you are one of those unfortunate guys that has a two inch
penis that’s also thin, take heart. There are things you can do. Also
for those of you that are somewhere in between a two inch penis and a
twelve inch monster, you may choose to do some of these things, too,
just for fun, or for added pleasure!

By the way, I have talked to some men who have no idea what “big”,
is relatively speaking.  I once talked with a man who told me that he
had a “small” penis. He said it was “only 7 inches”. If you are one of
these guys, I have news for you. That is NOT small. It’s definitely
larger than average. And, I have never seen or heard of a large penis
that is small in girth.  So if you’ve got 7 inches or more, believe me,
the girth is gonna work for her.

If not, or, as I said, you just wanna experiment, here are some
Booty Doctor approved courses of action: First of all, get really,
really good at oral sex. That can go a loooong way toward pleasing a
woman. Second, you might try a cock ring which can be purchased at any
sex toy store or catalog. A cock ring is a ring, made out of rubber,
leather, or whatnot, that is placed at the base of your penis during
sex. It tends to engorge your penis, and by the way also to make you
last longer during sex. Third, and there is no shame in this, some of
those over-the-counter pills really work! There is a blue pill called
Extenz that definitely works to make your penis more engorged, longer
in length, and makes you last longer in bed as well. There are others
on the market also.

Lastly, if you have hangups about your penis size, all is not lost.
There are some women with small vaginas that prefer a man with a small
penis. Plus, there are some women that are capable of loving you so
much that to them, size truly doesn’t matter.

No matter what the length or girth of your particular penis, you are
still entirely lovable and worthy of a woman’s love. Happy
experimenting to all!