The Real Reason For Chris Brown's Apology

Chris Brown apology video Rihanna
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Chris Brown may have an ulterior motive for his video apology; plus, Rihanna's surprise reaction.

While yesterday's highly-rehearsed video of Chris Brown suggests he's heartily sorrowful for his physical attack on Rihanna last February, there is an ulterior method to his remorse.

In the video Chris posted on his website yesterday (posted on Hollywood Life, among other sites), he said that he would have come forward sooner to apologize but his lawyer advised him not to. So just why would a lawyer counsel a superstar client to hold back his regret for almost six months? Indeed there's a big reason: Chris Brown will be formally sentenced in two weeks on August 5. Chris Brown Guilty, Receives Community Service

In the last month, media experts have commented that Chris' best career and legal move would be for him to regain the public's trust. It's likely his lawyer advised him to hold that move until now when a judge would get to see his remorse and take that into consideration for the sentencing. So far the judge has ruled Chris to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna, do 180 days of community service that would get his hands dirty, go to domestic violence counseling and be subject to five years of probation. Now with the apology video in which he "accepts full responsibility," promises the abuse will never happen again and touts his relationship with God, there's a chance the formal sentencing could be lessened. 

Two other factors weigh in on Chris' apology. First, Jive Records still hasn't set a release date for his new album Graffiti, which was been in production for over a year. Since his high-profile fight with Rihanna, the label has withheld setting the album's on-sale date probably because many fans who might have bought it before the attack have turned on him. It's likely Jive also is relying on 20-year-old Chris to rebuild his image before next March when much of his fan base—the tween and teen crowds—support him at the Kids' Choice Awards. A public apology had to come first, then he's expected to spend the next few months focusing on his talent to win back the world's applause.

What about Rihanna's applause? Today she doesn't appear to be clapping and in fact it's clear she's moving on. This morning a report surfaced that Rihanna's been spending her spare time with 36-year-old Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. We'll keep you up to date on whether she's present for Chris Brown's sentencing on August 5. Rihanna Says Chris Brown's Apology Doesn't Cut It

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