Love Bytes: "I Love You" Is Worth $267,000

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Plus, warming up cold feet, male biological clocks and determining your relationship insanity.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

A U.K. study gages how much certain phrases mean to people—literally. The three-word zinger, "I love you," is worth a reported $267,000. [Yahoo Shine]

4 ways to walk off your pre-wedding cold feet. [Huffington Post]

The male biological clock ticks too, so why is the stereotype gender specific? [Divine Caroline]

Several papers produced by researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom suggest that the older the men are, regardless of their socioeconomic status and the age of the mother, the more likely they are to conceive children with autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Booty calling is made easy with this iPhone app. [Frisky]

How certifiable are you when it comes to relationships? [College Candy]

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