Daniel Radcliffe Has A Girlfriend


Harry Potter star is a box office champ AND a romantic.

It does not suck to be Daniel Radcliffe: The 19-year-old stars in the weekend's highest-grossing movie, is worth more than Princes William and Harry, and is beloved of 11-year-old reporters everywhere. And, it turns out, he's not sitting alone on Saturday nights counting his money. Dan has been dating actress Laura O'Toole since 2007.

"My girlfriend is Laura O'Toole, and she was in Equus with me, but I don't really want to talk about that, because she's not here and it's not fair. Sorry!" Dan told Star magazine during the publicity push for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That sound you hear is Harry-Hermione shippers the world over gnashing their teeth in rage. 8 Harry Potter Tools We Want For Our Relationships

Laura, who's 24, and Daniel met when she understudied his costar, Joanna Christie, in the 2007 London production of Equus that got Dan all sorts of headlines for displaying, his, er, wand to eager audiences. He reprised the role in a well-received Broadway production last year before departing to begin shooting the last two Harry Potter films back in the UK. His payday for the two films is an estimated $50 million.

Dan told reporters as recently as this month that he was single, telling Contact Music, "You know, I'm not really doing the dating thing. It's not a case of 'I don't have time for a girlfriend.' I do. It's just like everyone else who's single I suppose," and there was a rumor that the two broke up last year before Equus transferred to Broadway, but his Potter costar Rupert Grint told Us Weekly that Radcliffe and O'Toole were still going strong. "They're good," he said, and then, we assume, elaborated at length on his recent vicious battle with swine flu.

Radcliffe has been feeding the media all sorts of saucy tidbits about his love life recently (and it's overegging the pudding, really, as we'd see the movie regardless, and try to hold back our squeals of glee when he finally makes out with Ginny Weasley), from the tale of losing his virginity to an older woman and how he thinks Robert Pattinson is just dead sexy. But perhaps the fellow is spewing all this as a smokescreen for his relationship. In which case, good on ya, Harry.

Via WhyFame. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.