Comment of the Day 07/20

Comment of the Day 07/20

We had a lot of wonderful conversations develop over the weekend. Here are two of my favorites. The first is between Ross C. Nicholson (professed scientist) and BookMama (professed mom and lover) about why we kiss. Here is a little excerpt, but I encourage you to go over to the article, "Why Do We Kiss?" and check it out.
Ross C. Nicholson:

Human beings have the largest set of scent glands of any animal with the most complex set (more than 725 varying chemical components) of scent gland emissions ever found. It exceeds other species by an order of magnitude. It has generally been observed that the more social is a species, the more pheromones it generates. Despite E.O. Wilson's ignorant claims to the contrary, human beings have far more scent gland emissions than ants.


A really importance piece of evidence for this hypothesis is the question are humans biologically driven to kiss? The answer is pretty clearly no - romantic kissing is not universal in human societies. Is it something that is common in hunter-gatherer societies? Is it something other animals do?

Before trying to make a connection between evolutionary forces and romantic kissing, we need to know if romantic kissing is "natural" or a cultural phenomenon. Things that seem natural to us because they are universal in modern Western countries, aren't necessarily natural. That's where science, empiricism, etc. are supposed to come in.

The second conversation is over here on "What Divorce Really Feels Like". In the comments, Brokenhearted opens up about her own divorce and reveals that a split, even if it's good in the end it always difficult.

Divorce feels like your long time partner reached in your chest and broke your heart. Its painful and scarey especially the older you get. What about seeing the other with somone new. You tend to doubt yourself whose fault was it cause it take two to Tango.Then grown kids not wanting to take sides but they always tend to. You start looking for that lost love,touch,truth and all the feeling you have.for that person your dreams accomplishments ups and down. Its hard to move on because you know how you still feel love for her after all you spent a lot of work together raising the kid ands, working toward your.dreams and combined friends both have.
Where are you going to live so that your far enough away to give her space to find someone else. How do you get over the things you did for her like placing cofee on her vanity while she showered just as a small memento of your love. AS you see I still have a lot of things to work on cause I miss her very much. I probably always will.

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