Jon & Kate Plus 8's Weekend In NYC...Together?

Kate Gosselin Jon Gosselin New York City apartment

Jon Gosselin's New York City digs details...and another new girl? Why was Kate there too?

A lot of our out-of-control Jon Gosselin questions from last week are finally answered. There was buzz that he was apartment-hunting in New York City, and that his 22-year-old Hailey Glassman appeared to be a very possible roommate as she accompanied him on the appointments.

But according to People, Hailey wasn't around this weekend when Jon settled into his new apartment on the Upper West Side. Instead there were two other women in New York who, yet again, are making us scratch our heads.

Saturday night Jon was spotted out to drinks with a blonde woman in her twenties who was clearly not Hailey Glassman. The date definitely looked like a date, with Jon in a white button-down and blazer, and his new-new chippy in a flirty sleeveless blouse. They posed together for photos in which Jon wore his trademark sunburnt scowl, and their close and familiar stance suggests that perhaps this other woman is indeed a significant other woman and that Hailey may be out of the picture. Blondes Ruin Romance Most Often Says Study

But the new girl is not the craziest part. Paparazzi caught Kate Gosselin with her eight also stampeding New York this weekend where they were spotted in Midtown, not very far from Jon's new digs. Were they there to hang out with Dad? Doesn't sound like it. It's reported that they were in town to do a promotion for the upcoming season of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, and so far there are no reports suggesting they even ran into their big daddy. Ex-Wife And New Husband Move In With Her Ex

However if he would have hosted them at his new apartment, all eight kids would have had to split one bedroom. Jon bought a two-bedroom apartment in the 25-story Alexandria on Broadway on the Upper West Side. While he went for a luxury building, he didn't take the expensive, expansive penthouse. There's a doorman and concierge, laundry facilities and a gym, pool and hot tub. There's also a playroom, where Jon's girlfriends—oops, we mean kids—will be able to keep themselves plenty occupied in the playpen during a visit.

Scoop via Photo courtesy Bauer-Griffin.