The Reason Behind Janet and Jermaine's Split


Friends point to two big reasons why the two have thrown in the towel.

While we don't look at any of the Jackson family and think, "I want to model my relationships after them," we also have always more or less presumed that Janet was one of the more normal of the bunch and that, as such, her romantic life was probably sort of normal as well.

As it turns out, we weren't entirely wrong. While Janet's relationship of seven years with Jermaine Dupri is ending publicly, it isn't ending for especially unusual reasons.

Friends reveal to US Weekly that there are two main reasons behind the split: work and personality differences.

"You shouldn't mix business and pleasure," a friend of the two explains to US. "Janet feels their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things separate." My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale

Indeed. Jermaine isn't just in the same industry as Janet, he also produced several tracks on her last two CDs.

As for their personality differences, the same friend explains that: "Jermaine has always been out there, mingling with everbody, and Janet's more shy."

No doubt, having a party animal for a partner when you just want to cuddle on the couch watching Netflix movies must be a real drag. Especially when you're a woman who prefers not to flaunt, or even admit, that you're in a relationship (we refer, of course, to Janet's nine-year secret marriage to Rene Elizondo).  A Marriage Battleground: The Toilet Seat

Nine years is a really long time to hide anything. Particularly a marriage. It's practically a decade.

Okay, maybe Janet's not so normal after all.

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin.