Hailey's Name All Over Facebook, Apartment Deed?

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Hailey Glassman is gaining ground as Jon Gosselin preps to move out from his family.

Upon his return from St. Tropez with his 22-year-old girlfriend (and rumored fiancee) Hailey Glassman this week, Jon Gosselin faced his wife Kate. (Because contrary to how he's acting, they are in fact still married.) Witnesses say the run-in was icy, with both Gosselins playing with the kids but not interacting with each other. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kate carried on fun-lovingly in front of her young and even rode a tricycle while Jon...tried to participate. Apparently they're doing their best to keep things as normal as possible for the children's sake, but the tension between them sounds evident. Why I Love My Kid More Than My Husband

It's no wonder. Jon's French jaunt with Hailey Glassman is not far in the rearview. As press coverage of their romantic vacation finally dies down, Hailey supporters are spawning like crazy. Perez Hilton reported this morning that Hailey's Facebook, featuring a profile photo of her hugging Jon on their holiday, was receiving wall posts from apparent strangers encouraging her to do whatever makes her happy and bashing Kate Gosselin. (Come on guys, Facebook is a place for friends—that's not nice now, is it?) Facebook Manners And You

We didn't friend her, but it doesn't appear as though Hailey's responded to the posts—is it possible she's still in France? Doesn't sound like it, because the even wackier development in their story is that she and Jon have been spotted apartment hunting together in New York City. We knew Jon was looking for bachelor digs there, but now it sounds like fame-hungry Hailey is going to join him.

If you've ever lived in the Big Apple, you can probably predict: New York would be kinder to a pulled-together woman like Kate Gosselin than the likes of Hailey Glassman.