A-Rod And Kate Hudson Get Cozy

Love, Family

Ballplayer is spoiling actress and her kid with private jets and motorbikes.

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez have been dating since May, but they're still in the honeymoon phase, according to In Touch. Alex is spoiling Kate with rides on his private plane, and lavishing attention on her five-year-old son, Ryder, taking the kid on a tour of the new Yankee Stadium and buying him a tyke-sized motorbike.

"Kate's never had a guy spend so much money on her so soon," a friend of hers tells In Touch. "She's very impressed with Alex's generosity. But she also thinks he is a very nice guy. She is really falling for him." Compare: 10 Worst Gifts From A Guy

Although there were reports out of the Yankee clubhouse that Kate was causing some strife between A-Rod and his teammates (can't you just see Derek Jeter getting all shirty when he doesn't get enough attention?) and a team insider called Kate "distracting," the relationship seems to be going strong. She's a regular fixture in the Bronx Bombers' field-level boxes, and Alex recently gave her an 18-karat gold Cartier watch, which we think is rich people code for "You can leave a toothbrush at my place."

Kate's been on a bit of a boyfriend spree since divorcing husband Chris Robinson in 2006; her relationships with Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong were front-page news, and she was rumored to be causing friction in Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's relationship this spring. Alex reportedly spent the All-Star break earlier this week, the first he sat out since 1999, with his two daughters, but despite the time apart, their relationship seems to be lasting. For her kid's sake, we think that's a good thing. It can't be good for him to be meeting a new "uncle" every six months. 

Via Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.