The Links: Red Flags And Lame Chicks

red flags

Plus motility, female cuckolds, clever t-shirts, abortion parties and Steve-O from Jackass.

Sometimes you run out of things to say (kidding), sometimes you just want to write about too many fun things (it's plausible) and sometimes you stayed out until four AM drinking your face off and need a little respite from a firm but fair editor (closer to the mark). That's when you find a bunch of great stuff that other people have written, make a pithy comment and let the readers decide for themselves what's hot. No more ado, the links: 

We'll start with Lemondrop, they interview Steve-O of Jackass fame. He thinks most guys are real jerks and he decodes what their actions really mean. Pretty good advice from a guy who once stapled his testicle bag to his leg.

Speaking of jackasses and excuses, Betty Confidential walks women through five huge early dating red flags. I remember YourTango doing something pretty awesome along these lines too... Read: 12 Relationship Red Flags

Evidently, women can be jerks too. Glamour's Married Jake runs through a list of five different types of gals that are not as cute as they think they are. I'd like to add Girl Who Constantly Jokes About Male Genital Injuries to the list.

While we're talking about the male parts, did you know that they respond more for women they find attractive? Not just outwardly, but motility (swimmer speed) is increased by attraction according to Asylum. It's science, OK? Do you have to know how a microwave works to enjoy quickly heated food? 

The downside of speedy swimmers is unwanted pregnancy. The Frisky asks what its readers think about a guy having a say in his lady's smush-smortion. Read: Do Abortion Ads Glamorize Sex?

Rather than wasting valuable time engaging in a dialogue regarding an "abortion party," Jezebel lets us know that it's a woman's right to choose and that even if the guy is not in favor of having the kid, he still bears responsibility. Plus, apparently, Andrew Sullivan is some kind of moron. 

My homeslices, Em & Lo, answer a big question: What exactly is a female cuckold called? Interesting. I'd sort of always been under the impression that female cuckold and male slut just didn't have their own words. Good to know.

Speaking of Em & Lo, over at the Huffington Post, Josa Young reminds us that women like to read about sex. I've long suspected that women prefer written sex over oral sex (is this thing on?)

And, Lemondrop reminds us that your clever t-shirt could land you in the no f*cking section. I'm a little surprised they missed the "The Man, The Legend" (with an up and down arrow, respectively) monstrosity.

As always, holler if there's a link that we totally missed. And have a good weekend.