3 Things We Secretly Love About Weddings

couple getting married
Love, Self

We can't deny that we love these three things about weddings.

We're entering another weekend at the heights of wedding season. We have to admit as much as there may be gripes about the logistics of getting to and from a wedding location and  budgeting for what to wear and what to give as a gift there are three things we absolutely adore about weddings.

1.Personalized vows. There's little else as touching as watching a couple recite vows that they wrote that have personal meaning. It's bound to be the case that one or both of the parties on the altar is going to break down in one big love fest while reading the words, so carefully chosen and written, to their partner, which inevitably lets loose a flood of tears among the friends and loved ones watching.Wedding Day Disasters

2.That look on his face. We love the look on the face of the groom just as the bride starts to walk down the aisle. There's so much in that look – nervous feelings, feelings of love, feelings of insecurity and utter happiness. We could look a trillion times and never get bored with it.

3.Live music. And after the wedding there is nothing better than a live band to dance to. We know it can be less expensive to get a d.j.  But a live band makes the whole wedding and day more of a live, in-the-moment experience.