I'm A Politician, Let Me Fix You Up

ron paul

Ron Paul, the libertarian politician from Texas, inspires an online dating site. Is this a trend?

Given the plethora of niche dating sites out there, coming across one expressly for fans of politician Ron Paul should not have been a surprise.

Likewise, Ron Paul is already so many different things: retired obstetrician, libertarian, former Republican presidential hopeful, that reading his name in connection with a dating site should not cause a batted eye—but of course it does.

Unlike Obamadatingsite.com, which features nary an ode to the Prez beyond his namesake, RonPaulSingles.com caters to fans of the Texan Congressman. At the time of this post, there were currently 113 members registered on the site—84 men and 29 women—all presumably poised to find love among fellow Federal government-haters.

"I suppose it's all about Freedom bringing people together—spiritually, politically, and now, romantically," Paul told the Washington Post's Sleuth blogger when she asked him about the site, with which he has no official connection.

We like this curious little site with the tagline "We put love in the revolution" (get it, revolution spelled backwards contains the word love?), and we wish its users—who hail from New Hampshire to Kansas and can search for straight, gay, couple or group matches—much libertarian love.

The idea of singles joining a site based on a shared passion or ideology makes sense, and it obviously works for sites like Jdate.com. Thus far, Ron Paul Singles boasts one user success story, written by Thomas about his "There aren't words to describe him" boyfriend.

With shared ferret-love, DNA matching and sundry other means of meeting Mr. Right out there, it's a wonder any of us is still single. Read: Discover Your "Type" (It Really Exists)

Tell us, savvy readers, what are some your favorite niche dating sites?

Photo courtesy of Bleach Report.