Is It Possible To Share Too Much?

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What men's comments on a Wall Street Journal article teach us about the art of sharing.

It is possible to share too much.

That's according to an article on the Wall Street Journal's website. And if you didn't believe the article, reading the comments by readers is great proof.

First, about the article.

The article details a fight over a sponge between a Arizona couple. There was a sponge left in a sink which led to an argument and accusations about bad housekeeping, among other things. In this scenario, the woman called her boyfriend's bud to come over and calm him down.

Now, our first thought is, "Really? This was the chosen path?" But, apparently, this is what she did.

Her boyfriend and his friend then proceed to sit on the porch drinking beer and discussing motor oil. No discussion on the relationship or lasting effects on the argument; the two discussed motor oil.

The article goes on to explain that both biology and society play roles in how women discuss problems (talking it out) and how men handle issues (bottling it up.) We could go into all the details, but or you could just read the article. It also explains how women at times need to share less and men need to share more. Read: 10 Oral Sex Tips From A Man

However, with no disrespect to the author, we find the comments on the article almost as interesting as the article itself. So here are some things we can learn about sharing from's readers comments.

1. Share productively.

In response to a woman who said her boyfriend's arguments never hold water, a man responds with:

That is the problem, you attack and attack. That is the last thing I need when I am carrying all the financial load for the family.

We're not going to broach the topic of "carrying all the financial load for the family," but if this is how this guy really feels toward his relationship, perhaps he needs to stop being so bitter. Or maybe he should tell his wife/girlfriend/whatever how he resents being the breadwinner in the family. This would definitely make for a better solution to whining on a website. Read: Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?