Comment of the Day 07/16


The comment of the day comes from the Ask YourTango forum. I love that forum, it's pretty addicting when I get on a role of giving advice. I feel like Liz Lemon, "That's a dealbreaker, ladies!" "Long distance is the wrong distance!" But I am frequently prone to bouts of delusions of Lemon. In any case, I loved, loved, loved this one answer by Dawson McKay, and since I make the rules, I'll break them and pick it as comment of the day. Here is what Dawson McKay said in response to "What's the ugly truth about dating?"

We're raised to believe in The Fairy Tales of love, not the truth of
gritty romance. Sure, it's magical, but there is no "meant to be"
beyond that we are willing to work and fight for. Girls want a prince,
men want a porn star... we've all got to get our heads back into the
real world and just be willing to talk through problems with someone
who could otherwise be known as "our best friend."

You hear that folks? There is no "meant to be" only what you are willing to work for. Sheesh. I feel like an old married lady. Lemon, out!