Jon Gosselin Engaged?

jon gosselin engaged
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Father of eight doesn't know what to do with freedom when it hits him in the face.

Jon Gosselin, father of eight, wearer of pants with tigers and flames on the ass, and recently separated reality-show husband, has reportedly asked his 22-year-old girlfriend to marry him. Before he's divorced his wife. The mother of his eight kids. And for those keeping track, this is the second early-20s girlfriend for 32-year-old Jon since his marriage broke up two months ago. Stay classy, Jon.

"They started dating two months ago and they both just knew the other was the one instantly," a source close to Jon told In Touch magazine. "Jon has been telling everyone that he loves her and she loves him, so why waste time?" Why, indeed? Oh, right: He's still married!

Jon has been dating Hailey Glassman, the daughter of the doctor who did his estranged wife's tummy tuck after she delivered sextuplets, for a couple of weeks, and spent the weekend with her in France on designer Christian Audigier's yacht. (That sounds so much like the YourTango staff's weekend, only with 100% more yachts and maybe 75% fewer douchebags.) Cheater or Cheated, What's Worse?

While in France, Jon gave Hailey a ring valued at $180,000 that features a skull surrounded by four black diamonds. If you're wondering what it looks like, think back to eighth grade and what that goth girl in algebra was always doodling on her Trapper Keeper. Kind of like that, but costing as much as a city block of real estate in Detroit.

But all is not skull rings and prancing around yachts for the happy couple. Jon returned from France yesterday without Hailey (and without partaking of any delightful Bastille Day celebration! He really is a philistine), and when asked where she was, shrugged and said she was still in France. Apparently she's a little peevish about all her college friends coming out of the woodwork and telling Radar about her drunken bisexual hijinks and drug arrest. Gosh. It's like she's shocked that dating a married father of eight might cast her in a bad light.

Via In Touch. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.