Tony Romo Dumped Jess Over Texts From John Mayer?

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Jessica Simpson may have been secretly in contact with singer John Mayer.

Tony Romo's breakup with Jessica Simpson seems to have come from left field (er, wrong sport). After all, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback did unceremoniously dump the star the day before her 29th birthday. Now, new details from offer up a possible cause.

According to the gossip site, Jess may have secretly kept in touch with ex-flame singer-songwriter John Mayer. The two had dated briefly in 2006, but Romo apparently discovered text messages from Mayer in Jessica's phone after he flew into L.A. for her recent birthday.

"They were hanging out and he picked up her phone and she got defensive about it," an inside source says. "Tony found messages from John and went ballistic."

The fallout was swift as Romo, who has dated Jessica for nearly two years, broke up with the star immediately. Sound Off: How NOT to be emotionally dependent with ex?

"Tony dumped her right then. He walked out and that was it."

Simpson was forced to cancel her Barbie-themed birthday party plans as her Ken has flown the coop.

Unless the text messages were particularly salacious, we think there must be something more to this. There must have been some build up to the breaking point. And John Mayer—really?