Strange Love: German & Kiwi Prostitution


In Germany, prostitutes love the Earth. In New Zealand, they love Olympic athletes.

None of you likely saw The Godfather Part III (and proud I am of you), but I'm feeling a little like Michael Corleone right now: "Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in." I thought I could give the hookers-with-a-heart-of-gold beat a rest but, so far, I've had no such luck. These stories are just too good.

First of all, when you need innovation, look to a German. German Johns (Hans, if you will) had too big of a carbon footprint for the likes of some German prostitutes. So, the hookers took matters into their own hands (some pun intended). According to Reuters, a Berlin brothel, the Maison d'envie (House Of Jealousy), is giving discounts to patrons who ride a bicycle to the bordello or can prove they used public transportation. The discount is modest (7% or so) but lots of dudes have already taken the House Of Jealousy up on the offer. Let this be a lesson, you can love whores, money and the Earth at the same time. Read: Prostitution: A Recession-Free Gig?

And New Zealand is also up to some ho business. Per Asylum's Aussie branch, an Olympic athlete from the continent nation has decided to earn training cash the old fashioned way. Logan Campbell (one of the Kiwi-est names on record), a Tae Kwon Do champ, has taken a partial share of an Auckland gentleman's club to supplement his income. He said that the trip to the Beijing games ran $121,000 (training, accommodations, flights, paying off the communists, etc.). Most of the money he raised for a top 16 finish in the Beijing Olympics came from his parents and, as a man (a punch and kick-fightin' man), he wanted to pay his own way… by giving women a safe place to charge men to have sex with them. On top of it all, his mom actually approves of the venture (after meet the ladies, natch). Read: New Zealand Women Have Highest 'Number' On Earth

But the tight asses at Taekwondo New Zealand (the sport's governing body in NZ) think the whole thing is in poor taste. The athletes selected for the games are not just determined by skill and competitive zeal but also as inspiration to the kids. One would guess that preparation for the 2012 London games would be even pricier as London is farther from Auckland and one of the Earth's most expensive cities. (It's worth pointing out that prostitution is legal in New Zealand but somewhat frowned upon for athletes.)