Tony & Jessica: She Was A Full-Time Commitment

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Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson over her neediness and high maintenance, reports suggest.

If I wanted a Barbie & Ken-themed birthday party (which I never would) and could convince my boyfriend to attend it (which I never could), I think I'd feel pretty certain that that'd be the last I'd ever see of him.

So what was Jessica Simpson thinking? (Okay, don't answer that.) Tony Romo dumped her the day before her 29th birthday party, and according to reports it's because he was just over maintaining her. Celebitchy has reported that sources who knew the couple attribute the split to her neediness and desire to get married and have kids right freaking now, while Tony's been itching for bachelorhood again. It sounds like the night after the breakup he was spotted out carousing with pals and looking "very single," according to one witness—meanwhile Jessica tweeted that she was staying home with her mom and dogs, presumably to lick her wounds. Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach

In the year and a half since the pair started dating, the relationship had been riddled with problems. Last year when Tony seemed to want to wander right around time for Ashlee Simpson's wedding, Jessica's dad Joe Simpson called him for a sit-down. Then when she gained all that weight and clothed herself in tight leopard print, she pulled a wacky PR stunt and told the world how sexy that perfect boyfriend of hers still thought she was. Not to mention Tony and Jessica both followed ridiculously hectic schedules and when she did carve out bleacher time for his games, his fans and teammates crucified her not just for the silly pink Romo jersey she wore, but because they felt she was a distraction to his career. (Some even called her "Yoko Romo." It's brilliant.)

It sounds like Jessica just asked for too much. Friends of Tony are saying that the two were constantly fighting and that "it was always something with Jessica." As we break for lunchtime (chicken of the sea, anyone?) we're wondering if a certain member of the boy band formerly known as 98 Degrees is sitting in a dark room right now penning his own song reminiscent of "What Goes Around Comes Around." Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Are Over