Comment of the Day 07/14

Comment of the Day 07/14

The only problem with do's and don'ts is the people who need to read them never get the hint. Oh well, you can't say Q didn't warn them. Here are Qverb's additions to the "4 Big Online Dating Don'ts":

I get tired of the typical, "I like to have fun" line. It kills me. Who doesn't like to have fun? I'd rather see what your definition of fun is.

Another killer is the "i need a MAN, not a BOY, who can treat me like the princess i am." Aside from the dysfunctional capitalization (and I'm not part of the grammer/spelling police, though I do my best on my end), this just screams so many problems to me. It makes me feel like I'm reading the profile of a 16 year old girl who has dated a couple college guys and thinks she's completely mature!

Other show stoppers:
-Actually using "dis" or "dat" or "wid" or any other form of language like that.
-Not giving any real info about yourself (ie, "I like to have fun")
-Any bitter comment on the number of losers in her past (the concern being she doesn't know how to break the cycle, if she even sees the cycle for what it is)
-Any demands that she needs to be respected. Its not that I don't know how to respect a woman, but I've always been of the mind that a person who is respected doesn't need to demand...they know what they are worth and when they don't need to put up with some one else.

I'd love to see the ladies point of view though on what they consider to be On-Line Dating Dont's.

Ladies, what are your peeves? For starters, how about pictures where your current/ex girlfriend is very obviously cut out of the picture.