J-Goss's Girlfriend's History Of Sexcapades

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Jon Gosselin's girlfriend has a wild past of pot, mugshots, and sex with women in restrooms.

Just when you thought the Jon Gosselin saga couldn't get any grosser. 

Thanks to Radar Online, the truth has come out about his new girlfriend (now being reported as 22 years old instead of 23) Hailey Glassman, who was seen on his arm this past weekend as the pair cavorted like Hollywood elite around South France's exclusive St. Tropez. They hung with fashion designers, roamed the streets talking aloofly on cell phones and even smoked cigarettes like the glam glitterazzi they're not. Jon Gosselin Introduces Mistress In France

And this morning they continued to make anti-fans out of 32-year-old Jon's audience when photos surfaced of Hailey's drunken partying past. Her University of Indiana at Bloomington classmates are stepping forward to tell the public about what sound like her sleazy college run-ins, some of which have been captured on film.

Hailey was arrested in 2005 on drug charges after she and friends were caught in possession of marijuana, hash, hashish oil and pipes. After paying the fines and court costs, she was placed on probation. Two years later she was arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol, which was dismissed after more fines and a counseling program.

But it sounds like she's better known for her escapades behind closed doors—or, should we say, closed bathroom stalls. A source who knew her in college has reported that Hailey was once busted carrying out "seriously sexual acts" on another woman in the restroom of a gay bar. On another occasion she reportedly walked up to a bouncer and said, "We haven't hooked up yet, have we? We should [expletive]."

He declined.

We'd heard she was wild, but we didn't know it was like this. These tales of Hailey Glassman's past almost make Kate Gosselin look...normal. Diary Of A 23-Year-Old Mistress

Jon—are you sure you want this divorce

Photo courtesy Bauer Griffin. Scoop courtesy Radar.