How Cheating Just Got Easier

man cheating

One way technology is making infidelity more seamless than ever before.

Remember that question floated around in some truth-or-dare games that went something like, "If you were sure you could get away with it, and would never get caught, would you cheat?" Well, we may soon be finding out just how many people will cheat when the process is made seamless.

Now, there's an app that allows you to find an adulterous partner with a few taps of the keyboard—or handheld device. A website named is a dating site specifically for committed individuals who want to cheat, and now it can be accessed by Blackberry and iPhone, reports Jeremy Caplan in this week's Time magazine.

Since handheld phone browsers are used to load the applications, there is nary an electronic footprint. There's no possibly that a sneaking partner could find secret e-mails or tweets or im's on a personal computer at home or at work.

It's all under the fray, and guess what? Millions of Americans have logged on to find themselves a lover. In the past two years, the number of members on has increased two-fold to four million users reports Caplan.Cheating Myths Debunked

That's four million people dissatisfied enough with their current relationship, the one to which they are supposedly committed, to go on and create an adulterous profile, specifying what they are looking for in an affair. For $49, members are able to contact up to 20 members of the site. The most disturbing stat in the article was 92%. That would be the number of men registered on the site who fully admit to being married or in a committed relationship.

Man, oh man, what is going on here? Have we all become total commitment-phobes?

Readers, weigh in! What are your thoughts on this made-for-cheaters website?