My last love story


Ok i meet him thru a common friend.
I ask my friend to pick up me at my house, and he told me that he's car was not working so he will pick me up with his friend, and i accept it.
My friend's name: Alois
My crush name: Hector.
Well, before that, alois told me that he had a friend that want's to meet me because he saw my photos and he was attracted.
Ok, so they pick me up at my appartment, and we went to a club with some other people and some other friends.
On the way to the club we had talk a lot but i didn't know that this friend was the one that was attracted to me.
So we stoped at the gas station and hector was talking with a worker on there, and alois told me that that was the boy that was attracted to me.
So i was a little bet nerviously. ahaha.
well. that's how i met him.
then we was talking by telephone, he text me a lot, he talks to me everyday at msn, and we hang out to our friends house and that kind of things.
He tryed to kiss at his car but i didn't kiss him the first time.
Then we stoped talking and he stoped calling and texting me.
About 2 months later, there was a concert in the town, so i buy tickets to go with some friends. and that friends list includes him because he's in my group of friends.
that day, i asked Simon (another friend) to take me home, and he agree. but before, we had to leave some friends in their houses. so it was a long trip, and hector was in that car. (i was sitting on his legs) and he was kissing my arm, bitting my hand, kissing my neck, etc., so when we leave a couple of friends, the're were just hector, simon, mariela(simon's date), and me.
And we stoped at a restaurant and in the parking lot, we kissed. (Simon and Mariela, and Hector and me).
Then they left mariela and me at my house.
He have'nt call me or text me after that.
One month later, we was in the same party and i was very drunk, and we have very much wild kisses, and we went to a bathroom together and kiss wilder.
I sent him a message: '' dont call me or text me anymore ok?, i dont wanna see u again in all my life, i hate you, and i dont want to see you anymore, so please erase my phone number''. (i was drunk when i sent that message.)
Abouth a month later he msn me and he ask me if he can go to my appartment, but he will wait for me down in the parking lot to have a ride, and i accept, so he picked me up and we was talking about our crushings and datings, and we kiss a looot for about 30 or 40 minutes (in his house), then he left me at home and i dressed up with a dress and put on my higher shoes and i went to cassino(a club, or maybe a discotheque.)
HE WAS THERE. and he didnt say hello..
Two weeks later i asked him what was happening, and he says nothing's weird.
Now is summer time, so i came to chicago to have relax and vacations, and he haven't msn me or facebook me, or text me, or called me.
so i dont know what to do.
can somebody help me?
Im 20 and he's 25