Tony Romo Dumps Jessica Simpson

Buzz, Heartbreak

Star couple break up the day before her birthday.

Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo have broken up, according to Us Weekly. They decided to go their separate ways after a year and a half of dating last Thursday, the day before Jessica's 29th birthday. That sound you hear is the entire state of Texas screaming with glee and screen-printing Super Bowl XLIV T-shirts.

A friend of Tony's says the breakup has "been a long time coming," but other sources say their relationship has always been volatile and wouldn't rule out a reconciliation. "They go from one fight right into another," the source said. "It's always something with Jessica." 6 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Rumors had surfaced recently that Jessica was anxious to get married after seeing her younger sister, Ashlee, wed Pete Wentz and pop out son Bronx. But Tony reportedly wasn't ready for marriage and rugrats. (But, of course, all might not be sunshine and roses in the Simpson-Wentz household.)

Jessica and Tony began dating after he appeared on TV in November 2007 and said Jess was his celebrity dream date, according to an interview she gave to Glamour last year. A mutual friend later introduced him to Jessica's father, Joe, and the couple began corresponding via e-mail. Jessica took more than her share of grief for showing up at Cowboys games wearing a pink No. 9 jersey, and fans began calling her "Yoko Romo" and griping that she was interfering with Romo's concentration, especially when he vacationed with the Simpsons in Mexico the week before a crucial January 2008 playoff game, which the Cowboys lost.

Coincidentally, Jessica's ex-husband, Nick Lachey, recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years, Vanessa Minillo, which we hope will give him more time to guest-star on One Tree Hill, the greatest thing he has ever done in his career.

While this is certainly a difficult time for Jessica, we imagine that somewhere Jennifer Aniston is cackling with glee and rubbing her hands together, as she's now no longer the celeb tabloids' go-to sad spinster. (Look, they both dated John Mayer. It was bound to happen). It'll only get worse if Romo adopts some third-world babies with Megan Fox.

Via Us Weekly. Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.