Gay Penguins Split Over Homewrecking Female Bird


It's not easy being shafted for another bird, even when you're a bird.

Infidelity, jealousy, separation...they aren't just human problems. Members of the animal kingdom also face such relationship afflictions. Consider, for example, Harry and Pepper.

Since 2003, the two male Magellan penguins have been a happily paired gay couple well-known to visitors of the San Francisco Zoo. In addition to nesting together, Harry and Pepper became parents when they incubated an egg laid by another penguin in 2008. Homosexual Couplings Popular In The Animal Kingdom

But things turned sour earlier this year when Linda, a recently widowed female penguin, befriended Harry. Pepper quickly became violent, and zoo officials were forced to separate the three penguins.

Since then, they have been re-introduced to the same enclosure and zookeeper Jennifer Katz tells KTVU that "they're getting along okay."

Nonetheless, Harry and Linda are now nesting together and Pepper is alone. And we are led to wonder: Is Pepper really doing okay? What creature, animal or human, would not be damaged by living day-to-day in a small space with his ex and the bird he is now shacking up with? The Other Woman: What A Mistress Knows

Other questions that spring to mind: Is it possible to become friends with an ex after he or she cheats on you? And does it hurt less to have a significant other cheat on you if he or she switches teams (from gay to straight or vice versa) to do it? Gay Porn Can Teach Men About Straight Sex

Bird or human, we can't help but think it all smarts.