Bradley Cooper Spurns Jen By Dating Renee

Renee Zellweger
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Are Renee and Jen duking it out over Cooper?

Jennifer Aniston already lost one Brad (Pitt) to an Oscar winner, and may be about to lose another Brad (-ley Cooper) to a different Best Supporting Actress. This time Renee Zellweger. Read: Bradley Cooper Dating Renee Zellweger?

Apparently Cooper went on two dates: one with Aniston, the other Zellweger. After the date with Aniston, it was reported by both parties that they were only friends. Then it came out that she had given him a dating timeline of when she wanted to be married and have kids. Rumor has it this scared Cooper off and into the arms of another actress. Read: Did Jennifer Freak Out Bradley Cooper?

But Zellweger, 40, is reportedly looking to settle down and start a family, too. It isn't clear whether anyone has asked Cooper, 34, if he's looking to do the same. He and Zellweger went to dinner, where the two were seen smiling and laughing, and then took a stroll out the front of the restaurant where they were greeted with paparazzi ready to flash their cameras at the new "couple."

The Star (in their July 20 issue) and Celebitchy report that each actress believes she'll end up with Cooper.

A friend of Aniston's said, "Jen is the better match for Bradley, but she's not going to cry into her pillow over him. She just thinks Bradley's not ready for something serious yet. She says when he is, he'll be with her."

Zellweger's source had this to say about the situation, "She's dying to get married and have a baby, and she believes Bradley is the right guy. She's determined to keep him for herself!"

It seems as if both "relationships" are being played out in the tabloids more than in real life, which is probably the point. Cooper is a hot ticket right now because of his good looks and roles in this year's He's Just Not That Into You (in which he co-starred with Aniston) and The Hangover. By dating A-listers such as Zellweger and Aniston, his star can only rise.

Plus, Jen has the difficult task of keeping up with the Brangelinas when it comes to tabloid fodder. Her breakup with John Mayer and current rumors about Hollywood's newest hunk keep the media buzzing about her.

Zellweger, though a household name and respected actress, has seen her celebrity stock dip recently as her movies are not bringing people to the theaters like they used to. By dating Cooper, she puts herself right back in the spotlight.

So it seems as if both women want a baby soon and maybe even with Cooper. But it really appears as if all three want their names on everyone's gossiping lips and by going on a couple of dates, it sure has worked. Here's hoping that all three end up happy and with someone they truly love.

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin