Jon Gosselin Introduces Mistress In France

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Jon Gosselin's girlfriend, meet the world. Jon and Hailey Glassman, 23, step out in St. Tropez.

Oh my gosh, Jon Gosselin's cell phone works in Europe!

According to Bossip, the man known for his obsessions with bluetooth and all-terrain vehicles is now glued to a new toy: his 23-year-old girlfriend.

The 32-year-old surreality TV dad is proving to the world that the rumors of his affair with a much younger broad are all true. (And yet, not even this gives him bonus cool-points.) This weekend he and the now non-fiction Hailey Glassman made their worldwide debut as a couple in South France's posh St. Tropez, where Jon appears to have successfully turned Europeans off of Americans by acting the same way there as he does here (i.e., constantly trying to look important on his cell phone, sporting sunglass tan lines, and wearing loud clothes that do not flatter his physique). However he and Hailey went bad-ass-Euro by riding yachts, toasting champers, and, oh yes, even smoking ciggies. Perhaps Jon has found a fun-loving, adventurous soulmate in Hailey Glassman after all. 

If only this could have happened eight kids ago. The Trouble With Dating An Older Man

Indeed last week we heard buzz of their planned vacation in France, thanks to Hailey's Facebook profile. As it turns out, the trip was a comemmoration of Jon's line? According to reports Jon has been working with designer Christian Audigier on a franchise of t-shirts in the tradition of Von Dutch. Clearly this only adds to his compatibility with Hailey, who is reportedly a school teacher and aspiring shoe designer. Wha? It may be getting time for these two to put away their sketchpads and swatches and attend to the dozens of children tugging at their pantlegs.

Mama Kate, who stayed home with her brood of eight, would probably agree. On Sunday she held a picnic for the kids and...dare I type reportedly still wearing her wedding band. Maybe she too is trying to sort out her new style? Or maybe it's time Kate Gosselin adopts the phrase, "Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, don't wear it." Jon Gosselin Re-Joins The Dating World

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Photo courtesy Bauer Griffin. Scoop courtesy Bossip.