Debbie Rowe To Attend Custody Hearing


Will she get the kids that she and Michael Jackson spawned?

As we previously reported, Debbie Rowe wants her children back. She told this to NBC-LA in a 90-minute phone interview. She offered to undergo DNA testing to prove that she is the biological mother of Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael, the children she gave birth to when she was married to Michael Jackson. She's even reportedly expressed a willingness to raise Prince Michael II ("Blanket"), the child Michael Jackson had with an anonymous surrogate after they divorced. 

But immediately after her NBC-LA interview, Rowe's lawyer gave a press conference stating that her decision on seeking custody was not final. Divorce Laws, Demystified

That was a week and a half ago. And as we all know, in celeb gossip world a lot can happen in a week and a half. A memorial service for a recently deceased celebrity can turn into a high-profile circus for has-been siblings. A little girl who never spoke publicly can shock and touch the world. And a woman who was once married to the most famous man in pop music can decide that, yes, she damn well wants her kids back.

"[Debbie] says that she will definitely be at the custody hearing," Marc Schaffel, a former business partner of Jackson's and a close friend of Rowe's tells People.

The custody hearing will take place in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 20th and will determine temporary guardianship. Top 10 Celeb Love Explosions In '09 (So Far)

Until then, Prince, Paris, and Blanket are with Michael Jackson's mother, who was named guardian in his will. She is petitioning to keep the children with her.

According to officials, neither party is required to attend the hearing, but we can't help but think that with this family, and their obvious desire to constantly be in the limelight, all of them — including LaToya — might just have their day in court.

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin.