A-List Links: Affleck Sticks It To J-Lo?

Aflleck made Jennifer Lopez unhappy

Plus: Obama exonerated from booty staring scandal; Radcliffe fawns over Twilight star.

Celebrity stories too juicy to miss. Here's what went down today in celeb-love-land.

Video proves President Obama had eye on stairs, not her behind. [ABC] Obama Caught Admiring 16-year-old's Booty

Ben Affleck says J.Lo made him feel "suffocated, miserable and gross" [Celebitchy]. Is he doing the same to Garner? Affleck Suffering Estrogen Overload, Needs Son Now

Scorned lover Levi Johnston weighs in on his baby's-grandmother's resignation: She did it "because of the money," he's "not surprised." [YouTube]

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe thinks Twilight's Robert Pattinson is smoking hot. [US Magazine]

Michael Jackson: is the most popular person in the world—at least on Facebook, 8 million fans and counting. [Facebook] His children are in danger: Joe Jackson wants to make them performers! [Bossip] Plus, MJ and Ashley Simpson: more in common then just nose jobs? [Page Six]

Katie Price hopes Peter Andre will find true love, just not with her.  [Exposay]