Confused Little One


I'm a young 27 years old, dealing with a married man. Stating he's getting a divorce, on top of that I have a 10month son with him. Lately I have been breaking down about the whole situation, I have really pushed myself to the max about everything. Now we are getting ready to move together in a very nice apartment. I have gotten the apartment solely in my name, and the amount that I can afford. So my question is should I let him move in with me? Or not?


He says that he does have enough money to get the divorce and when we move together. That will free up some of his money in order to start the process. Do I believe him? This has been going on for about 4 years! And oh did I mention that he has a house that I have only been by once to see? Am I being taken like a fool? He's alway here with myself and son. Maybe he really doesn't have the money?


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