Beckham And Tom Cruise: Officially A Bromance

tom cruise and david beckham

A new book, The Beckham Experiment, has some interesting things to say about the soccer star.

According to the gossip gangster (Perez Hilton nee Mario Lavandiera), David Beckham (the second handsomest soccer player alive, c'mon Cristiano Ronaldo) and Tom Cruise (one of the highest grossing actors of our time) have had their mutual love documented.

In a book aimed to cash in on Becks Mania (a little late for that, right?), The Beckham Experiment, Grant Wahl says that Beckham was so taken by Tom Cruise that he dropped the homophonous name "Cruz" on his youngest son. In addition to having his breath taken away by Tom Cruise, the book goes on to make some other not-so-nice points about the kickin' Briton. David Beckham's LA Galaxy teammate, US star Landon Donovan, says that he was not much of a teammate or leader to the team. Beckham's commitment to the squad was called into question at some point too as well as his appointment as team captain. And this was before the squabble regarding his desire to depart from the Galaxy and prepare for the World Cup by competing in Europe (on loan to AC Milan).

While things like man crushes (bromances, et al) are sometimes annoying to wives and girlfriends, they are pretty harmless (and, dare we say, endearing). In fact, the Beckham – Cruise man-ogamy (possibly an open man-iage if Will Smith is involved) seems to have roped in Katie Holmes and Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. The wives have been seen hanging and sometimes sharing hairdos. Yep, being tight with another cool couple makes Bridge night an easy thing to arrange.

But what about the other parts of the book? Does being a perceivably non-committed teammate make you a bad husband or father? What about jumping at the chance to move to something more beneficial/ profitable? Interesting. While Barry Bonds has had numerous relationship problems that could possibly (in a world where A + B always equals C) be attributed to his selfishness and bad teammate status, it's probably not the case with David Beckham.

The dude is absolutely covered with tattoos honoring his wife (Posh Spice) and their children. And who gives a doodle if he has a mutual man crush on Tom Cruise? The dude is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet Earth, man. Not that there's any definitive proof, but you'd imagine that his superstar status was part of what hooked wife Katie Holmes. And his charm (you know, that little thing that made him a mega star) reeled her (and David Beckham) in.

Thoughts on how far David Beckham and Tom Cruise's reciprocated fondness has taken them? We know they're neighbors. We know about the kid's name. Do they share Scientology apparatus? We wonder if they've ever considered getting an apartment together when this whole thing blows over.

Photos: Bauer Griffin