Comment of the Day 07/10

Comment of the Day 07/10

One of the things that I love about this site is that often the writers (Tom Miller, Kristine Gasbarre and more), editors (Sarah, Genevieve), the Lady of the Manor (Nicole), our smarty-pants tech team (Nils, Paolo, Brett) and even our fabulous CEO Andrea, join in the fray. I won't tell you whether I've had to censure them for inappropriate comments (I want to KEEP my job). But when you comment on an article or in the Q/A you can be sure we are all listening. Recently, writer, Al Needham, commented to answer some comment on his "10 Oral Sex Tips From A Man" and here is what he had to say:

Er, I wrote that.

Peenu: if sex was as regimented as, say, fixing a car, someone would
have wrote the perfect manual a long time ago and the sex publishing
industry would have been reduced to one warehouse. The fact is that
when it comes to sex, we all have different takes on what we like. Yes,
some men want to get stuck in, but more men then you think actually
like to take their time. Personally, there's nothing wrong with a
quickie every now and then, but I'd sooner have a three-course meal
than have everything slopped into a nosebag, if you know what I mean.

What I was trying to say in that piece - the bit that has confused
you - is that, as Qverb has said, we all have our little quirks and
tastes, and what worked on your ex isn't necessarily always going to
produce the same results on your next. And anyway, the first few
encounters with a new partner are always the best times to experiment,
if only to find out that the thing you always wanted to try isn't
really your cup of tea after all.

Bookmama: Every how-to article should start with 'Find out what YOU
like', first, I reckon, but you have a very good point. As for the
condom thing, well...yes. Obviously. I was delicately navigating round
the issue of 'where can I ejaculate without her going mental at me?',
which all men have to deal with at some point.

Thanks for reading, anyway.

Feel free to fire back (respectfully, of course). We're listening.